About us.

PSEC - Primary Schools Exam Compiler is dully registered under the pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Business Names Act and Rule on 24-6-2019 and all our messages are not scum.

We at PSEC are dedicated to provide instant assessment solutions that focuses on 8.4.4 curriculum. Our target classes are classes 5 to 8. Our main clients are teachers, pupils and parents. We provide instant assessment progress records and mark-lists thus helping teachers to drive knowledge to our children. Children can now Take unlimited Self-Assessment Tests from home, school and from any area of their comfort. Schools are free to register with as to get faster analysed mark-lists. Actually there is no need to purchase another software.

Pupils from classes 5 to 8 can take Assessment Tests from their areas of comfort. We offer questions with answers provided immediately the pupil clicks on view Test results.
Join us at at an affordable prices.

Take Self Assessments
What We Do.

Teachers can Assign Tests to their learners and monitor their progress from far and leave comments by entering the learner's code on View Learner's Assessments Outcome . We also allow you to update assessment records once and everything is set for you.


The school can allow you as a parent/guardian to process progress records for your child by providing you with relevant information. PSEC - Jifunze allows you to check what your child is doing just by entering his/her registration code on View Assessments Outcome


Now you can Take Self Assessments as much as you can at a fee of Ksh 49/= and also View Assessments Outcome
For your school Assessment Test you can ask your teacher to check for you.

Why Choose Us.
Ease of Use

Our portals have a few instructions to follow. We have used different colours to make it ease to remember for our learners.

Ease of Access

You can google or search jifunze gosoft on your parent's or caregiver's mobile phone and access our website. PSEC - Jifunze is there at the top. Or download our app. .

Speed and Accuracy

We provide 99% of accuracy for the Self-Assessment Test in seconds. Your Assessment Results are well analyzed thus we give you accurate information in a minimal time. There is no need to call us.


Most of our services are free of charge. We only charge a reasonable fee that ranges from as low as Ksh 1/=.

Below are our charges for processing assessments marksheets.
Number of LearnersCharges in Ksh.
100 and above93/-

Our other charges include.
ItemCharges in Ksh.
Individual Learner's Report Card5/-
Report cards for all learners less than 100 in a class1/- per learner.
Report Cards for all Learners More than 100 in a class99/-
Generating a scheme of work35/-
E-booksPrice varies depending with the author.

We receive money only via our Safaricom Lipa na M-Pesa paybill number 449566 which is initialized by our system. Our customers do not have to follow lots of processed in order to make payments pay. We initialize for them. We do provide instant refunds whenever you make a wrong transaction.

paybill number

How to Contact us.
Our contacts

Email address: info@gosoft.co.ke

Cell phone numbers: +254 (0) 728718899, 750483883,

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